ArasuFest is devoted to celebrating the achievements, career and influence of K. T. Arasu on the occasion
    of his 65th birthday.

    ArasuFest will be held in Kalamata, Greece, during August 1-4, 2019

    ArasuFest conference schedule

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    ArasuFest Laudation for Arasu felicitation function, by Prof. Sudesh Kaur Khanduja

    ArasuFest slides of the talks

    ArasuFest photos and videos courtesy of Asha Rao

K. T. Arasu
view of Kalamata at night

Conference Organizers
  • Dursun Bulutoglu, Air Force Institute of Tehcnology (AFIT), Ohio, United States
  • Tor Helleseth, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Hadi Kharaghani, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • Ilias Kotsireas, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada
  • Ka Hin Leung, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Alexander Pott, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Germany
  • Jennifer Seberry, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  • Vladimir Tonchev, Michigan Technological University, Michigan, United States
  • Qing Xiang, University of Delaware, United States
The conference is hosted by the CARGO lab and under the aegis of the Kalamata Municipality.

ArasuFest speakers are selected by invitation only.

ArasuFest speakers are responsible for their own expenses but there is no conference registration fee. Pending various funding applications to potential sponsors, ArasuFest will be able to support financially some student participants.

ArasuFest will consist of 1-hour plenary talks, 30-minute contributed talks. and an Open Problems and Discussion session.

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Accessibility Statement:
We are committed to creating an accessible environment for all.
Please contact the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, Ilias Kotsireas, to discuss any accommodation needs.