Many people pay tribute to the great Herb Wilf. I think that he should be censured.

Lots of my friends, including Herb Wilf, are quite inconsiderate! Instead of uniformly 
distributing their 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th birthdays over my life span, they accumulate 
them during my old age, forcing me to write nonsensical papers, such as "What's a question 
to Herb Wilf's answer?", which is likely to be my modest contribution to the 80th birthday of
this witty man with far reaching vision and sweeping imagination. Herb's meteor outshines 
his deplorable contribution to the birthdays accumulation point. Anything he touches, 
whether scientific, editorial, executive or administrative, turns into pure gold.

Even in his golden years, Herb makes original new strides, such as his recent venture 
into the theory of genetic evolution, advancing bold new ideas of replacing "in series" 
by "in parallel" processes returning us to the golden age in no time. By the time he 
will turn 90, he will have realized, no doubt, the alchemists' dream of cheaply transforming
inexpensive metals into gold.