Herb Wilf Tribute

Herbert Wilf is one of the greatest combinatorialists of our time, but his influence far transcends the boundaries of any specific area. He was way ahead of his time when, as a fresh (28-year-old) PhD , he co-edited (with Anthony Ralston) the pioneering book "Mathematical Methods for Digital Computers", and three years later wrote the beautiful classic textbook "Mathematics for the Physical Sciences", and when algorithms just started to pop up everywhere pioneered (with Don Knuth) the Journal of Algorithms, and when the internet started, pioneered the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Herb also realized the great potential of the internet for the sharing of knowledge, and has several of his classic textbooks available for a free download!

Not to mention his great mathematical contributions!

Not to mention that he academically fathered 28 (a perfect number!) brilliant combinatorial children, including eight females (way back when there were very few female PhDs).

I am sure that Herb will continue to be ahead of his times in the future!