Conference Schedule

The conference schedule and abstrcats can be found here.
  1. Herbert Wilf, "Two exercises in combinatorial biology"
  2. Gert Almkvist, "Ramanujan-like formulas for 1/pi^2 and String Theory"
  3. George E. Andrews, "Partition Function Differences, and Anti-Telescoping"
  4. Miklos Bona, "Permutations as Genome Rearrangements"
  5. Rod Canfield, "The Asymptotic Hadamard Conjecture"
  6. Sylvie Corteel, "Enumeration of staircase tableaux"
  7. Aviezri Fraenkel, "What's a question to Herb Wilf's answer?"
  8. Ira Gessel, "On the WZ method"
  9. Ian Goulden, "Combinatorics and the KP hierarchy"
  10. Ronald Graham, "Joint statistics for permutations in S_n and Eulerian numbers"
  11. Andrew Granville, "More combinatorics and less analysis: A different approach to prime numbers"
  12. Curtis Greene, "Some Posets Related to Muirhead's, Maclaurin's, and Newton's Inequalities"
  13. Joan Hutchinson, "Some challenges in list-coloring planar graphs"
  14. David Jackson, "Enumerative aspects of cactus graphs"
  15. Christian Krattenthaler,
    "Cyclic sieving for generalised non-crossing partitions associated to complex reflection groups"
  16. Victor H. Moll, "p-adic valuations of sequences: examples in search of a theory"
  17. Andrew Odlyzko, "Primes, graphs, and generating functions"
  18. Peter Paule, "Proving strategies of WZ-type for modular forms"
  19. Robin Pemantle, "Zeros of complex polynomials and their derivatives"
  20. Marko Petkovsek, "On enumeration of structures with no forbidden substructures"
  21. Bruce Sagan, "Mahonian Pairs"
  22. Carla D. Savage, "Generalized Lecture Hall Partitions and Eulerian Polynomials"
  23. Jeffrey Shallit, "50 Years of Fine and Wilf"
  24. Richard Stanley, "Products of Cycles"
  25. John Stembridge, "A finiteness theorem for W-graphs"
  26. Volker Strehl, "Aspects of a combinatorial annihilation process"
  27. Michelle Wachs, "Unimodality of q-Eulerian Numbers and p,q-Eulerian Numbers"
  28. Doron Zeilberger,
    "Automatic Generation of Theorems and Proofs on Enumerating Consecutive-Wilf classes"
  29. Eugene Zima, "Synthetic division in the context of indefinite summation"